Welcome to Vukani! This is a place where time stands still & life becomes simple. Vukani means “Wake Up” in Xhosa.

We are Lee, Wahl, Tata Spargs and family - which includes our dogs named Buddy, Roscoe, Rainbow, Maya, Bhuti and Jax. When you take a walk around the property you will meet our pigs and our lovely chickens that provide us with daily fresh organic eggs.

You will also see our beloved developing organic vegetable garden and nursery, which is constantly evolving as Vukani grows as a unit.

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Facilities and Activities


We offer an once in life time adventure in rustic rural accommodation with a wide variety of activities to choose from.

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Independence & Self Reliance

  • We are Off The Grid – The Rat Race belongs in the City.
  • We are remote – We utilise our resources to work for us.

Community & Camaraderie

  • Share with the locals – Smiles, food, craft and skills.
  • This is a space where we gather together, celebrate life & enjoy each other.

Teach not Preach

  • We all have something to learn from one another!
  • Listen. Learn. Share.
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Thriving over Surviving

  • Do what sets your soul on fire.
  • The rest will come.
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Be Now, Here

  • Nuff said


Vukani is pet friendly to those pets who are pet friendly!

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